Address : 5933 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA 94605
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Call us: (510) 569-5491

1.  Accent Umbrellas are made using only the highest quality materials avail¬able. With this in mind and along with outstanding design and craftsmanship, our umbrellas are both durable and elegant.

2.  Accent Umbrellas offers custom manufacture of market umbrellas, a feature which is rare in the industry.  Our custom work includes silk-screening, low voltage lighting, custom design and custom sizing.  Custom umbrellas are perfect for Cafes, Restaurants and Inns, whether you have an independent enterprise or a franchise.

3.  Accent Umbrellas refurbishes all wooden market umbrellas regardless of manufacturer.  Many times your customer will not want to buy a new umbrella and instead would like to have the one they have refurbished.  We will restore the umbrella so it looks new again.

4.  The employees of Accent Umbrellas have over seventy-five years of combined experience in manufacturing fine market umbrellas.  Our skill and expertise gives you and your customers the best market umbrellas available to¬day.

5.  Accent Umbrellas are manufactured in California so when you buy our umbrellas you are helping our economy and keeping jobs in the United States.