Address : 5933 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA 94605
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Call us: (510) 569-5491

Customer Testimonial

Thank you for the service that Accent Umbrella has provided, which has been what you advertised & more. On joining, the staff took the time to explain the Umbrella Company service and have always had the time to answer my queries quickly in a friendly & uncomplicated manner at the end of a phone.

Guilherme Rosa"

“I immediately knew Accent Umbrella was someone I could trust with the most intimate details of my business – my own books. Having run numerous businesses of her own in the past, Accent Umbrella has a wealth of experience to draw from and shows a genuine interest in helping her clients get organized and be successful in their businesses.”

Samuel Retter"

“From the moment Accent Umbrella Bookkeeping Services became our bookkeepers, we couldn’t imagine life without them. They have helped us get our business organized and into a system that makes it easy to track what we are spending, how and when. Our business is growing and taking this critical piece of off our plates was critical to ensuring we were freed up to do what we do best. We’re grateful for their help and love working with them.”


I would highly recommend Umbrella Fella to anyone new to contracting. They were very patient and helpful in explaining the details to me during the sign-up process and are always quick to respond to any of my questions.


I'd rung a few umbrella companies before I spoke to Umbrella fella but it was the friendly and fun conversation I had with the member of staff that really stood out for me, they explained things in a way that was easy to understand!

June Lawrence"