Address : 5933 Foothill Blvd Oakland, CA 94605
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Call us: (510) 569-5491



All prices are FOB from warehouse in Oakland, California, USA.

  • Open Accounts: Net 30 days from shipping date.
  • New Accounts: A check with your purchase order.
  • Applicable sales tax will be applied to all non-resale orders.
  • Past due accounts will be charged a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annual) and further shipments will be placed on hold.


 All orders must be in writing and faxed to (510) 569-6496 or sent

to Accent Umbrellas, 9505 77th Avenue #7, Oakland, CA 94621.

Delivery time: Most orders take 3-6 weeks, larger orders or custom orders may take longer.

Change of order or cancellations cannot be made once the order is in process without a fee.  The fee depends on the changes that are being requested.

Returns: Written authorization required on goods returned.  No credit will be extended for goods returned without written consent.


Collect: We will use your specified carrier.  If none is specified, we will ship via best available mode.  Exception: Accessories and other small packages will be shipped via parcel service prepaid, and charges will be added to your invoice.

Third party billing: Carrier must be specified.  Order must have complete BILL TO address and telephone number.

Will call:  Must provide phone number for shipment notification.  Upon notification, shipments must be picked up from Accent Umbrellas within five business days.  Accent Umbrellas will ship your order after five days of notification, via Freight Collect.

Special shipping instructions: We follow special shipping instructions to the best of our ability, however we assume no liability for shipping “best method” when we are unable to use the routing specified.


Loss or damage: Once the goods are delivered to the carrier, the buyer assumes all risk of loss or damage.  Merchandise is carefully packed and thoroughly inspected before leaving our warehouse.  Responsibility for its safe delivery is assumed by the carrier once they accept the shipment.  Claims for damage or loss made during transit must be made to the carrier.  It is best to contact the specific carrier for their requirements and procedures for filing claims.


 Accent Umbrellas will refurbish all wooden market umbrellas, regardless of manufacturer.  All requests for refurbishing must be made in writing and be accepted by Accent Umbrellas.  From there a Refurbishing Number will be given to you and the umbrella is to be sent to us, Freight Prepaid.  Accent Umbrellas will make no repairs until we have quoted a price and received written confirmation from you.  Accent Umbrellas reserves the right to make all final decisions about parts and refurbishing.  All repairs are final.