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Halfé 8’ with a forest green [#5446] top.

The Halfé Demibrella

  1. Poles: Made from ash.  Pole diameter is 1½”.
  2. Arms: Made from ash, ¾”  x 1”.
  3. Lift Systems: Both pulley and manual are available.
  4. Hubs: Ash laminant.
  5. Finials: Small, made from ash and oak.

The Halfé Demibrella is a fully functional half-umbrella designed for use on balconies or along sidewalks, where space is at a premium.  Made from the same high quality materials as our full umbrellas, the Halfé will add style and sophistication to the city-dweller’s home or ambience to a sidewalk cafe.  Complete with a locking mechanism for commercial security, the Halfé is available in a four-panel configuration with a choice of of cotton canvas or Sunbrella™ fabric colors.

Dealer Wholesale Prices:

Description        Weight        Cotton        Sunbrella        Firesist

6-foot                    20 lbs          $170            $200               $240

8-foot                    22 lbs          $210            $250               $300